Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Oppressing You

You are your worse critic. No matter how far you move away, you will never be away from yourself, which makes this infinitely more painful if you are your own worst nightmare.

The self attacks with bombs of doubt and bullets of fear. It inhibits your thoughts by imposing unnecessary filters to your every idea. It moves us away from who we really are by only allowing conventional thoughts to make its way out. And then we wonder why we're boring!

The truth is no one is like us. Our DNA is unique and there has never been, nor will there ever be, someone exactly like us. Why, then, are you trying to desperately fit in, when you know you have something better to offer?

Many times we cage ourselves in because of the bugaboos of life. We shirk our responsibility to show the world who we are and to shower it with our many and unique talents. Why? Because the monster that lived under our bed as children, has now moved to the inside of our head, constantly telling us why we are not worth it, and why our ideas don't deserve to see the sunlight.

However, knowledge IS power, and once you know the techniques this monster uses on you, once you know how it threatens you into submission, you will know how to beat it and how to let your true self shine.

Follow me in this journey to beat the monster, to step on our bugaboos, to live life!

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